Girls Softball


Cost: $55.00   (Includes Jersey, belted pants, belt, socks & visor)

2017 Midget Girls FP Softball Schedule

2017 Mite Girls Softball Schedule

For more information on schedules, call 706/554-5210


ATTN COACHES: Thank you for all you do!! We really appreciate you volunteering to coach and being a positive role model. Please remember that ALL coaches that participate in games must be certified. Coach certification is MANDATORY!! Your coach application & background check form must be submitted to the Jonathan Broxton Park Office before the Doyle Coach Certification Clinic on March 23rd. Online coach certification will no longer be reimbursed. No adults are allowed on the field or in the dugout area during games, unless they are wearing their recreation department issued 2017 coach’s shirt. No Exceptions!!! You will not be issued a coach’s shirt until you have been certified AND have completed & submitted all your paperwork to the Jonathan Broxton Park Office. Also…coach’s shirts will no longer be issued on opening day…so please have all your coaching requirements completed by the required date…or you will not be allowed to coach your team on opening day.

Questions??? Please contact us at 706/554-5210.

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