P.A.Y.S. Certification

ATTENTION: Parents & Guardians

It is mandatory that at least one parent or guardian for each child be certified. Without certification, your child will not be issued a uniform. PAYS certification is only required one time per year, per family.

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For your convenience, P.A.Y.S. Certification Program meetings have been scheduled for the following Mondays starting at 6:30PM at the Citizens Park Gymnasium on:

  • February 19
  • March 5
  • March 19

Other P.A.Y.S. certification opportunities are available during office hours at the Jonathan Broxton Park Office. Please call 706/554-5210 to make your reservation. Space is limited. Without P.A.Y.S. certification, your child will not be issued a uniform. No exceptions!

PLEASE NOTE: At least one parent or guardian must attend the “P.A.Y.S.” certification program before the season begins. All fees must be paid at the time of registration. All participants wishing to register must do so by the above dates. Those who register after February 1, 2018, will be charged a $10 late fee. Your child will then be put on a waiting list and if an opening becomes available will be added to a team. The “Reduced Fee” Program is available if you are registered by February 1, 2018. Optional “Recreation Accident Insurance” can be purchased for $6.00 per child. Refunds WILL NOT be issued once uniforms are ordered. Questions, comments, concerns???  We would love to hear from you!!! Please feel free to call us at 706/554-5210 or visit our website at www.wbcrd.com for further contact information. You can also visit us on our FACEBOOK page at Burke County Recreation Department.

Contact us here:
465 Burke Veterans Parkway
Waynesboro, Georgia 30830
Office: 706/554-5210