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Citizens Park Tennis Facility with tennis professional Joe Blankenbaker
Leagues, Lessons & Clinics Available

Update from Joe: 

Another reminder of the day of tennis on Saturday, May 20. We will offer categories of play for 8 and under, 10 and under, middle school, and two divisions of high school. Everyone gets a T shirt and lunch (hot dogs or pizza). Entry fee is $5. I have attached an entry form but you can call me at (912) 682-1089 to enter. Only requirement is players need to know how to keep score and know the basic rules.

I could use a volunteer or two for the little ones play.

Don’t forget tennis camps starting May 30 and June 5. These are always a fun time and hopefully a learning experience as well. Have an instructor coming for the older group that once defeated Bjorn Borg. That was a few years and a few pounds ago.

Summer camp will be held May 30 until June 3 for the 10 and under group and June 5 until June 9 for the 10 and over group. Camps will begin each day at 8:30 and end at 10:30 for the younger group and at 11 for the older group. The fee is not yet determined.

Contact Joe Blankenbaker for current offerings directly at (912) 682-1089  or email him at