Burke County Boxing Club

January 9, 2017 @ 3:00 pm – 8:30 pm
Burke County Boxing Club
Burke County Boxing Club 525 Wallace St. Waynesboro
Georgia 30830
Coach Frazier


Burke County Boxing Club
Established in 1999
by Coach O.J. Frazier – Director
Co-Sponsored by Burke County Recreation Department
Burke County Boxing Club
525 Wallace St. Waynesboro, Georgia
(706) 829-0524
Waynesboro Boxing Club
Boxing Instruction MONDAYS through

(Located at the Old Georgia Power Building.)

An Amateur Boxing Club.
For Boys and Girls Ages 8 – 21.

USA Boxing Annual Registration Fee is $35.00
“Why would anyone want to box?”
“I’m not going to let MY child get beat up!”
“You’re just teaching potentially violent kids to be MORE violent!”

These are just a few commonly asked questions and comments amateur boxing coaches have to address. There is a need to educate people on the positive, constructive life skills and habits that boxing teaches.

But here’s what most people don’t know:

Boxing is a sport!!

Amateur boxing is tremendously rewarding as a well organized and structured athletic program. The levels of fitness a competitive boxer must maintain is higher than virtually any other sport. Amateur boxing is profoundly influential in the development of the proper abilities and traits necessary to be successful in today’s world. All amateur boxing comes under the jurisdiction of a single, unified national governing body (NGB). As an NGB, USA Boxing has jurisdiction over the administration and rules of competition for amateur boxing in the U.S. Amateur boxing competitions held at the local, regional, state, national, and international levels.

Boxing is a deterrent to crime!!

Boxing is a proven delinquency deterrent. The positive impact that boxing has on “at risk” kids is amazing. Unlike some other sports, boxing has a land of “tough guy” image that is acceptable in even the toughest circles. Once the athlete is involved, the affect of a structures, organized program is almost immediate. the young participant now has a positive release for his/her energy and frustration. although amateur boxing traditionally focuses on “at risk” kids, the advantages of being involved in a properly run boxing program applies to kids from all backgrounds. It’s very rewarding to help kids with problems, work those problems out and turn their lives around.

Boxing is positive!!

Boxing has positive influences. One of the primary benefits of being involved in a properly run boxing program is gaining confidence. Boxers learn not only to be good winners, but even more importantly, good losers. In a properly run gym, boxers will learn the skills that will make then better people. Another advantage of boxing is that participants become self-motivated. Through goal-setting and planning for matches, athletes develop daily regiments to prepare for success. This enhances discipline and self-control. Boxing also make participants more aware of the fact that doing the right thing makes good things happen.

Boxing encourages teamwork!!

Boxing matches are definitely “one on one” competitions. However, it also tends to develop a certain sense of camaraderie among other athletes in the gym which can easily be described as “Team Pride”. Amateur boxing encourages teamwork in the sense that athletes are surrounded by coaches and teammates who support and encourage them even though they stand in the ring alone. One of the most rewarding things about amateur boxing is the fact that participation is individual and so is the recognition. There is no better esteem builder!

For more information about the Boxing Club and to register, please contact Coach Frazier at 706/829-0524.